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Why your brand should become a part of

one of the biggest sport events  

Deriugina Cup 2022?

The event has been a success for over 25 years.


The competitions attract the attention of millions of spectators from all around the world.

Being a Sponsor or Partner of the competitions is an evidence of the high status, exceptional reputation and positive image of your company.

The most famous Sponsors and Partners of Deriugina Cup (1992-2020): Ukrainian Gymnastics Federation, Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, Adidas, Naftogaz, New Balance, Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv, Borys Medical Clinic, Grand Prix, L'kafa, Barbie and many others.

To become a Partner or Sponsor of Deriugina Cup and learn more about partnership conditions, please write to us, and we will contact you soon:

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